"Winter Duets" return to the Tverskoi Boulevard.

Moscow. Tverskoi boulevard. 28.12.16 – 30.01.17

The collection of  “Winter Duets” by Sasha Gentsis returns  to the open-air exhibition on Tverskoy Boulevard in Moscow.  We invite Muscovites and visitors of the city to enjoy the variety of landscape photographs and discover the genre of photoduets : a pair of photographs combined in a single composition, matched by   structure, shape, color or photo concept.

This time “Winter Duets”  include as some already known and favourtie works as some new creative proposals of the author who explores the comparison between winter  and other seasons in different places of our amazing planet.

The exhibition is supported by the Department of Culture of Moscow and Production Center ProLab.

We will be glad to see you!

Photo exhibition Industried of Moscow

Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard 01.09.16-15.11.16

Many people believe that in Moscow there are only offices and shopping centers left. In fact, Moscow is one of the most developed industrial production cities in Russia, where there are large industrial enterprises of all sectors. The city today has made great efforts for the development of modern industrial clusters, creating new high-tech jobs.
Some great enthusiasts of art photography took part in this project. Inspired by the theme of the project, the authors depicted the beauty of technology and aesthetics of industrial process.
Here you may watch some videos from the exhibition on Youtube and photos on Facebook.

Photo exhibition Best Duets of the world

Moscow. Arbat street , 15.07.16-24.07.16

Moscow, Gogolevsky boulevard 09.07.16-15.07.16

In the world around us there is a great variety of things created by nature or by humans. We are used to pass by indifferently, busy our daily routines. With our quick look at the nature, architecture or people, we remember only vague outlines of places and events we visit. As the reality we live in were hidden under the matt glasses. “The best duets of the world” is a collection of the best and new works of Sasha Gentsis, which is exhibited as a part of the project “Moscow FotoArsenal” with the support of the Department of Culture of Moscow and produced by “ProLab” center.
Here you may watch some videos from the exhibition on Youtube and photos on Facebook.

Photographic exhibition : "Zil : Pride of an Empire"

Museum of Moscow . 15.01.16 – 20.01.16

In 2015 a legendary soviet plant called Zil disappeared from the map of Moscow. It disappeared quickly, in a very short time. In his photographs Sasha Gentsis captured those things, shapes, figures, instruments, archives and posters which in several hours turned history. Sasha´s first museum exhibition represents a century of the story of the plant seen from a photographer’s point of view.


"Duets of the World" on Tverskoi Boulevard

From 5.02.2015 to 2.03.2015 Sasha Gentsis presented his collection called “Duets of the World” in the open-air exhibition on the Tverskoi Boulevard in Moscow in the photographic project “Moscow Photo arsenal” organized with the support of the Department of Culture and the Prolab company.

Russian Duets in Central House of Artists in Moscow

On the 23.01.2015 Sasha Gentsis presented 16 works from his collection “Russian Duets” in the festival “Primordial Russia” in Moscow.

Sasha Gentsis presents Winter Duets.

On the 12th of December of 2014 Sasha Gentsis takes part in the winter open-air exhibition on Tverskoi Boulevard with his exclusive project Winter Duets.

Photographical Duets of Sasha Gentsis in the Gallery of Classical Photography

02.04.2014 – 20.04.2014. Moscow.

Photographic Duets of Sasha Gentsis on the Festival of Wild Nature Golden Turtle

2014: For the second time Sasha Gentsis presents his photographical project on the Festival of Wild Nature Golden Turtle. Moscow.

Exhibitions 2003-2012

2003: Sasha Gentsis’s personal exhibition called Discrete reflection of the reality, in the Photocenter of the Union of Photo journalists of Russia. Moscow.


2004: The personal exhibition “Photo recursion”, Press centre of the building of Izvestia.


2005 : Sasha Gentsis’s exhibition called Islandic Truffle was launched in the cultural centre “DOM”. The ambassador of Iceland in Russian Federation, Mr. Benedikt Jonsson attended this exhibition.


2006: The Central Exhibition Hаll “Manege” Saint-Petersburg. Russia. Sasha Gentsis presented his works in the Exhibition “Metamorphosis of the game”


2007: Exhibition “Quantum reverberation” in the Solyanka VPA Moscow.


2008: The first personal exhibition of “Colorful collections” in London during the week of Russian Culture in the UK.


2008: SOLYANKA VPA, exhibition Geopanorams.Feelings.Rhythms.


2009: Saint-Petersburg, The Central Exhibition Hаll “Manege” . Colorful collection of Sasha Gentsis.


2010: personal exhibition in the Solyanka VPA . Colourful Photography of Sasha Gentsis.


2011: Personal exhibition in the centre of contemporary arts M’Ars.Moscow «Collection of dream of Sasha Gentsis»


2012: personal exhibition in the Gallery of the Classical Photography. Sasha Gentsis. Duets.