Interior Designs

Since the photography had been invented, people constantly tried to capture the best moments of their life. With the technology, development of printing, and professional photography, it became popular to decorate the interior designes with photographs because of its great variaty of styles: avant-garde , high-tech, eclectic among many others.

Moscow, London, Prague, New York, Nice, Geneva, Riga, Barcelona – this is an incomplete list of cities, where there are interior designs decorated with Sasha Gentsis’s photography. A singular photo or a photographic duet can be a wonderful decoration for an interior design of a home or an office space.

If you would like one of the photographs or Photographic Duets by Sasha Gentsis to become your interior design decoration or a present for your friends or colleagues, please leave a message in the contact form of the “Shop” . If you still haven’t chosen one, just contact us and our designers or the author himself will help you make a great choice.